Apple iOS 11: 7 Best Features That Will Make You Wanna Buy In.

7 Apple iOS 11 Best Features That Will Make You Wanna Buy In. Release dates, news, updates, beta, review
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Apple iOS 11: Not everyone knows the capabilities and extended functionalities of their Apple Iphone devices; especially of recent — after the release of Apple Operating System latest versionApple iOS 11’ (September 19, 2017)  

    Advancement from Apple iOS 10 to Apple iOS 11 will be the key for Apple and the consumer’s needs. In June 2017 at WWDC 2017, the new Apple iOS 11 was revealed with new features to enhance and improve on its past version. For attendees of the event; it obvious you’d know how much ton of information that was delivered on the new iOS. Which will certainly be made available on the global market and mobile ecosystem during the fall of this current year (2017). That is when it will complete one year since the release of the previous version.

    Having said that; in a quickie — I’d simply like to share some of these exciting features which I find very interesting with you in the next few lines. I hope you’d find them useful and fascinating.


    New message feature

    One of the interesting of all these new features that comes in Apple iOS 11 is the new messaging capabilities. Apple Pay shared (peer-to-peer) will give you a chance to pay contacts specifically through iMessage. This makes things somewhat less demanding than using different money transfer applications out which some are even untrusted. The new QuickType keyboard is also an admirable feature to find beckoning. It will enable Apple iPhone users to operate one hand less ease, and exploring the keys altogether.


    Live photo effects And Camera Features

    Photo and Camera are buzzwords you won’t ever want to miss when describing a topnotch smartphone device. Apple iOS 11’s new camera features will have limitless video circles and which will be ideal for live photographs. With this latest feature, live photographs have greater flexibility by expanding the length of the photograph through infinite loops. In the same vein — you can also join live photographs to make an extended clip.  


    Furthermore, iOS 11’s new camera features will be enjoyable. Optical Image Stabilization will increase the steadiness with the picture motion and help stabilize the phone’s camera clarity. HDR and True Tone flash are exciting new features to the camera development.

    7 Apple iOS 11 Best Features That Will Make You Wanna Buy In. Release dates, news, updates, beta, review

    Apple iOS 11 Siri Innovation

    Many are not familiar with SIRI, why some are. I especially believe that many Iphone users are truly getting into the use of Siri and the voice to which Siri has (Siri vocal outreach). Apple iOS 11 will bring more natural male and female voices to Siri’s vocal system. Siri will likewise be able to make an interpretation of what you say into German, French, Italian, Chinese or Spanish. And maybe your own local language like Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Hindi etc. LOL. You’ll additionally have the capacity to type to Siri rather than the normal loud-talking.

    Apple iOS 11 Siri came with the capacity for you to type after you said what should have been said. This wasn’t noted in the keynote speech at the event, however it looks like something fans should expect to get!


    Control Center, lock screen and notifications

    The lock screen and notice screen have now been consolidated into one screen, making it simpler for users to explore through. The new 3D looks and sliders will give users more choices to either customize their lock screen/notification area or not. Access to settings and different features inside the lock screen can and should make using the iPhone significantly less demanding to utilize.


    Indoor maps and lane navigation

    The newly anticipated to include Maps and Lane Navigation feature is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone when driving. You can actually limit the amount of time you spend on your telephones while driving. Apple is helping us out by bringing ‘Don’t Disturb’ capacities to your smartphone while you drive. While the options to execute such task is as of now physically set up for you, Apple iOS 11 will assist you in calming your phone and bring less distraction. Maps of air terminals and shopping centers will likewise be integrated into the new Apple iOS.


    Airplay 2 & Apple Music improvements

    Airplay 2 is a public profile feature in Apple music. It will help you to discover new/old music easier than anytime before. With the new open profile, you can discover your colleague’s music taste and anything new that they’ve as of late found. Multi-room support will likewise include interest in-terms of the Airplay feature. The change will reflect in the Apple Podcast functionality.


    Redesigned App Store

    With such a significant number of applications now hitting the apple store always, the new Apple iOS 11 will help you to discover applications faster. The new discovery tool will enable you to locate the most reasonable applications that fit your way of life. Presently having an everyday rundown and instructional exercise, there are simple approaches to explore through the new application store. Discover apps that are ideal for you now! Apple iOS 11 can help you do this in just one click.

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