Detect and Kill Virus On Your Android Device In this 3 Steps. Detect it, Kill it.

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Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Detect and kill virus on your device before it soon eats deeper than can be curtailed. When I mean virus, I’m certainly referring to any kind or malware, spyware or injected harmful script that could either be detrimental to your phone’s performance or general security.

    As more people entrust their personal data and credentials to their Android powered smartphones for security and storage, many Internet fraudsters and hackers are on parade to hack into them. So therefore, ensuring the safety of your mobile device at all times is crucial, however, if they manage to get infected by any means, this post will be your last resort.

    Some Signs That Your Phone is Infected.

    From my recent experiment! Below are some dysfunctional signs noticed.

    Battery Draining Faster than Normal

    Before you try to detect and kill virus on your device, I’m sure that you will notice some dysfunctional signs on your mobile device. The same happens when sickness is about to attack the human body; it is certain that you’d have to first realize the symptoms of the sickness coming…  

    The first thing I noticed was that my phone battery became unthinkably bad. It drains even faster than normal and also when plugged. Now, that’s crazy! So, I had to know why that was happening and soon found from research that it might be due to virus infection. That’s one.

    Detect and kill virus, Detect and kill virus on your device, how to Detect and kill virus on your device, Android powered smartphones for security, antivirus apps for android phones, 360 antivirus apps for android 

    Disruptions During Dialling and Calling –

    Android Smartphone Virus can manifest in different forms, some of which I may not even know or mention here. When I try initiating a call, It is a problem either with keypad or partial hanging. More-so, I get some unusual disturbances which doesn’t make sense to me. Sometimes, the phone literally goes blank that I wouldn’t be able to hang-up unless the recipient at the other end does, and that drains my call time as you already know. This again is another reason why you should detect and kill virus on your device.


    How to Detect and Kill Virus on Your Device.

    Step One

    Place your Android Smartphone on Safe Mode – From my understanding of this, it simply prevents any third-party apps from running, malwares inclusive. You might want to ask about how to get into the safe mode. Well, that’ quite simple. Just hold onto the power button to access the options to restart in ‘safe mode”. I should warn you that this doesn’t work for all phones, so you might want to use Google search to check your phone’s status.

    Step Two

    Get Your Hands Dirty – By getting your hands dirty, I simply mean that you go to your phones settings. While there, manoeuvre to apps, then to downloaded apps, scroll through to see if you’ll find any dodgy app that you didn’t install, then click uninstall. In most cases, this is all you need to do to remove the virus, but occasionally you might find the Uninstall button is grayed out. This is because the virus has given itself Device administrator status. Exit the apps menu and tap on Security, then on Device Administrators. Here you’ll find a list of any apps on your phone or tablet with administrator status. Simply uncheck the box for the app you want to remove, then tap Deactivate on the next screen. You should now be able to remove that application from the downloaded apps. Hmm, too tricky to detect and Kill Virus on smartphones.

    Step Three

    Install an Antivirus App – Installing an antivirus application can be your best bet most times since it’s almost very easy compared to trying to find out which Harmful App that is yourself. It is the job of the antivirus app to scan-through your device and search out the virus and obliterate it upon finding it.

    There are more than enough apps on Google Play Store that will be very helpful to you. Some of them includes but not limited to Avast, 360 Antivirus app, and many others. Just check Google Play Store and do justice to the situation, that’s how tricky it is to detect and kill virus on phones.

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