Smartphone Antivirus Apps: You Should Not Forget Its Importance.

Smartphone Antivirus App: You Should Not Forget Its Importance.
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Smartphone Antivirus App are very essential to your dear smartphones — as long as the smooth functioning of your Samsung, LG, Apple or Gionee Smartphone is involved. As a matter of fact, the mobile phone brand or maker does not necessarily matter when discussing the topic of phone protection. However, you may be opportune to have stronger inbuilt antivirus system in recent versions of some smartphones, or a factory set antivirus application… the protection of your smartphone matters a lot!

    What is Smartphone Antivirus Apps?

    Smartphone Antivirus Apps are software designed to fight against virus and other harmful scripts from penetrating your mobile phone device. This malicious scripts can be those from internet or external sources like memory (SD) card, USD etc. Just as it seen on PC’s and desktop computers.

    Smartphone Antivirus Apps For the Android User:

    Not all Antivirus Apps are compatible for all devices. This means that the antivirus app that worked for “Windows” computers will not work for MAC computers and so on. The same scenario with Smartphones. One that worked on your Apple iPhone 7 will definitely not work or Android Powered Smartphones — hence the need for Android Smartphone Antivirus App.

    Smartphone Antivirus App: You Should Not Forget Its Importance.

    How to get it.

    *Simply check your phone’s Google Playstore for Free Google Play Antivirus applications: there are many free ones on Playstore. Look for them and select any suitable one.

    *Second method is to purchase directly from the developer’s website and have it installed on your smartphone afterwards.

    Why you need it.

    The open nature of Android and the massive number of apps on the Play Store is the first cause. The internet as a whole has relative proportion of junks, many unwanted and sometimes harmful files, and lastly, malicious scripts projected from hackers and tailored to steal important information from your mobile phone.

    The importance of Smartphone Antivirus App cannot be overemphasised as there are actually several reasons why your phone needs it; and below are some:

    Benefits of Having Smartphone Antivirus App

    • Scanning all apps, files, games and even the settings in real time
    • Killing all background tasks that slow down your phone or tablet
    • Locking all key apps that carry sensitive information, such as your banking apps
    • Locating your phone if it gets lost
    • Monitoring your phone’s battery, data pack and storage and optimizing them for optimal usage
    • Creating an encrypted vault and hiding all the private photos in it
    • Scanning your Wifi network and addressing issues like weak passwords and encryption problems is one of those jobs any smartphone antivirus app would do. Plus keeping out all potential threats

    A smartly designed Free Smartphone Antivirus App isn’t just about guarding your cell phone and records from malware assaults and terrible hackers. It can likewise attend to some level of functionality issues. Like we all know; many applications are developed to carry malicious scripts that sends back information back to the source. An affordable smartphone antivirus app or program can identify such scenarios and block them. Thus protecting you and your device in the same vein.

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