WhatsApp Ban in China? Chinese are mad at this!

WhatsApp Ban in China? Chinese are mad at this!
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • WhatsApp ban in China is no new story. And it’s obvious that many businesses are as well currently struggling with this recent upheaval. Before the sudden disruption in service, many users had complained of widespread fluctuations in the Facebook-owned service four days before.

    Professionals who reported on the system said the problems started on one fateful Sunday morning, but text messaging, voice calls and video calls all appeared to be working fine again two days later (Tuesday). But unfortunately users found it difficult to send voice messages and as well manage their photos on the WhatsApp (aka watsap) messaging application.


    WhatsApp Ban in China? Chinese are mad at this!

    WhatsApp Ban in China – Why it Happened!

    WhatsApp is largely known as a message encryption technology giant. But though some technical findings stated that it’s technology seems not to please Chinese authorities; which largely regulates Internet and restrict cyberspace usage through their “Great Firewall technology”.


    Political Ties Connected to WhatsApp Ban in China

    According to TechCrunch, it is conceivable that the shutdown is in reckoning of the Communist Party’s congress to be held in Beijing few days from now. WhatsApp may have been targeted as a result of its super encryption features lacked by other social services like Skype and Apple’s FaceTime that are permitted to work in China.


    China Internet Security Becoming Tighter than Ever!

    China has revisited its Internet use act this year. The current rules are tougher than the previous. Enacting new rules that require tech organizations to store client information inside the country and also forcing limitations on what content is permissible.


    Three ways to avoid Twitter Account Suspension


    Following the WhatsApp ban, some Chinese Internet regulators said they slapped “maximum” fines on major Chinese tech firms like Baidu and Tencent for permitting the production and publication of explicit, vicious and different sorts of restricted material on their online networking platforms. Though the amount of fines was not revealed.


    Not all about WhatsApp Ban; Here are others on the list.

    Don’t get it twisted by letting it look like WhatsApp Group is the only or the first to be blocked by the Chinese authorities, many other big names in the social media and telemessaging industry has been floating on this list for years — if not decades.

    For example: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a huge number of other foreign media have been restricted from operating in the country for many years. The WhatsApp Ban/inconveniences rose in front of the Communist Party congress on October/18/2017, when President Xi Jinping is expected to be given another glorious five-year term as the party’s general secretary.

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