Whatsapp Blank Message Trick: How to send Blank Message on Whatsapp.

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Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Whatsapp blank message is something you’d not want to try at office or workplace environment. As a matter of fact, it’s a kind of trick or game you should play on your loved ones, friends, spouse or colleague (but not at workplace).

    What’s Whatsapp Blank Messaging?
    It’s literally a way of sending empty (null) messages to your whatsapp contacts (just another way to prank them or play funny tricks on them). it’s a nice activity to do when you’re at leisure but not everyone knows how these works. In the next few lines, I’d be revealing the three easiest ways to do whatsapp blank message/messaging.

    3 Methods to do Whatsapp Blank Message.

    Method 1.

    Using the NoWord App

    As long as you’re good with Mobile Applications, doing Whatsapp blank message using this method will not be difficult. The NoWord app is an Android application (I don’t think it has an iOS version as at this moment).

    With the NoWord application, sending Whatsapp blank message is halfway to being successful. There are a few other such applications , but the NoWord android application is the best. To introduce the application:

    1. Open settings> security> unknown sources
    2. Click on the direct download interface given here: (Direct download connect for NoWord application).
    3. After the NoWord establishment, launch the application from the document traveler.
    4. The launch  screen of the application will be clear void box and below it, you will have the send tab.
    5. Click on the send tab and you will have the rundown of use on which, you might want to send the clear message.
    6. Carefully select Whatsapp and after that select the contact/Whatsapp amass from the Whatsapp application. Your Whatsapp blank message will be sent to the contact.

    Method 2.

    Using Notepad

    Every computer operator knows Notepad. As a matter of fact, it is one of the mostly used free word processor that comes with all Windows package (From Windows 7 to 10).

    Let’s dive into the days deal… To succeed doing Whatsapp blank message using this method, a PC is required. The Notepad on the Windows Operated PC is what will be used throughout the entire process.

    1. First and foremost, open Notepad editor on PC/ laptop
    2. In the Notepad, type ALT+255 or ALT+0160
    3. Once you typed the two above mentioned keys on the notepad, you can see the blank space on your notepad.Whatsapp blank message, blank message whatsapp, send null message, watsapp messaging, watsapp empty message,Whatsapp blank message, blank message whatsapp, send null message, watsapp messaging, watsapp empty message,
    4. Now save the blank text on the PC/ laptop. You can even copy the blank space with the CTRL+C from your keyboard.
    5. You can transfer the file from the PC to android device either by USB cable or Bluetooth from laptop.
    6. You can save the file on PC/ laptop with the name, Blankspace.txt file and same name can be opened on the android device with the text viewer.
    7. Open the Blankspace.txt file on the text viewer and then copy the blank space by holding on it.
    8. Open the Whatsapp and select any contact to which you would like to send the Whatsapp blank message. You can even send the blank message to the Whatsapp group. Also check this article to know more about whatsapp group names.
    9. Paste the copied content on the Whatsapp chat window and hit the send button. You have successfully sent the Whatsapp blank message on Whatsapp.

    Method 3.

    Unidentified Character

    Unidentified Character option is a distinctive method and can be achieved by using any smartphone or smart-device. Google has more comprehensive answers to what these unidentified Characters are.

    Now to do Whatsapp blank message using this special method; you need to download the special character from these link. Download using your smartphone, or perhaps PC, and later transfer the file to your Android device using a USB cable.

    Follow the short steps below:

    1. Open the downloaded character from the text editor app
    2. Copy the mysterious character from the app; the character will be between “”
    3. Paste the character on the Whatsapp chat box.
    4. Remove the “” symbols after pasting it. Otherwise, the message will not be seen as blank by other readers.
    5. Once the “” is removed, you can hit the send button and prank all your friends.


    These simple and subtle methods works, they’ve been tried and tested many times by different Whatsapp users. Feel free to leave your contributions in the comment section below regarding other viable ways to do Whatsapp blank message, or send null messages on Whatsapp.

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