WhatsApp to Announce Launch of Customer Service Application.

Watsapp for biz - businesses to customers
Watsapp for biz - businesses to customers
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • For all WhatsApp Fans (or watsap as often called) and social messaging network savvy; I’ve got a special news for you. I hope you’d see the need to read carefully and in-depth this time.

    About the WhatsApp Upgrade?

    WhatsApp today revealed plans to launch an application that gives private ventures a chance to talk with clients. A product solution will likewise be made accessible that gives large corporations, similar to banks and airline companies, tools to manage conversation with their respective clients. This branded software will also allow them to do things like; share flight times, delivery notices, and different updates. The news comes seven days after information about verified business accounts started to show up on the official WhatsApp site.

    These verified accounts will have a green identification beside them, while messages got from different businesses will appear in yellow.


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    Launch of the New WhatsApp Customer Service App.

    “WhatsApp has improved user-interaction across its platform globally,” WhatsApp COO Matt Idema told VentureBeat in a recent statement. “Presently, we are aimed at bringing businesses onto WhatsApp in ways that create value for users. Hence the application of this same approach is considered relevant at the moment.


    New WhatsApp for Business


    We’re also anticipating making it feasible for people to connect easily with businesses of their choice in a swift and personal way. Plus giving businesses the tools to make that task less demanding to do.”

    When you converse with a business in many parts of the world, you won’t be surprised that quite a few companies have already started using WhatsApp application for communication. As of now, new tech tools are being created to address questions of verification and authenticity.


    Shopkeepers to Tap into the New WhatsApp for Business.

    “We’ve heard stories of businesspeople/shopkeepers that use ‘what’s app’ (as it’s mostly called) to keep in contact with several customers from a single smartphone device. And also from people who are not sure about whether a business on WhatsApp app is legitimate”.


    Watsapp for biz - businesses to customers


    Majority of the problems perceived on the Whatsapp messenger app will solved in order to make communication easier between prospects and business-owners on the platform. To that effect we’ll be testing new features.

    Our approach is straightforward — we need to apply what we’ve realized helping individuals connect with each other. Also, especially helping prospective buyers interact with businesses that are essential to them.”

    With 1.3 billion month to month active users, WhatsApp (also referred to as watsap) is undeniably one of the most successful chat messenger application on the planet. However, moves towards monetization have been relatively slow. Introduced in 2009; WhatsApp is faced with several other competitors in the business-customer chat sphere. Most of which includes but not limited to Twitter, Skype, and Business Chat for Apple’s iMessage.

    Before Now…

    Facebook-claimed WhatsApp first declared plans to dispatch benefits that connects businesses and customers over a year ago, and testing of the tools allegedly started this spring.

    WhatsApp to Announce Launch of Customer Service Application, The new what's app (whatsup,watsup,what's up,watssap,what appswhat up,wattapp,wathsap) as may also

    Prior this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg got a considerable measure of inquiries regarding the organization’s monetization strategy for its messaging applications. Both said that it’s still early days with regards to monetization of these applications. But insists that it is part of the company’s long term objective for engaging it’s enthusiastic users.


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