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Five Marketing Walls of Jericho Blocking Your Business Success.

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Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • There is a great difference between a failing business that has that vision for relaunching than that failed one without idea on what course of direction to follow next. Financial retrogression or lack of market facilitation capital is not the only setback modern day businesses suffer, most at times, securing that unmatched exposure to targeted clients could be more of a challenge.

    Without much ado, the next few lines will be fun to peruse, too paramount to ignore and very-important to skip. The Five Walls of Jericho; this is my own nomenclature, a little way of describing the five centric digital marketing subsections that if not enthusiastically treated — could unswervingly misdirect your business’s growth to an unwanted direction.

    Insofar innovation is still pre-eminent; these Five Walls of Jericho are compulsorily beneficial in your business promotion strategy (You need them to take that business to it’s ‘permanent site’). They’re subsections of digital marketing namely: Social Media Marketing (SMM), Branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and Video Marketing.

    marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, business marketing, branding, business promotion strategy, search engine optimization, marketing strategy, promotion, telemarketing, ecommerce marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    In the past two decades, social media has proven to be one of the world’s most growing web buzzword. It’s being heard from within and without, from adults to infants et al, and so is the popularity of all elementary factors linked with it. It’s experimental, so no fuss whatsoever. To take your business to that point where the sky will be the limit, getting it to the reach of prospective customers on social media still remains one of the pressing targeted goal — that’s the plan!

    OK! Think of it from this dimension, with the stupefying large amount of daily visitors on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram — you still think you have no fair-share of those visitors for your business? Regardless of what business you deal in, there is 70% chances that you have hungry customers on these social media networks, so what’s the fear about?

    Branding (Reputation Management)

    Let’s not get into definition, our major aim is to explicate the reasons why Non-interest in it could be a strong wall of Jericho (which if not PULLED-DOWN) could hamper your business’s growth. Like we all know, that every successful business today have undergone this phase of digital marketing, else you already know how tough winning trust and dependency of clients can be – That’s branding for you!.

    From all my past experiences in marketing and business promotion – especially in physical product, I strongly believe that Branding occupies more that 35% of the business development process, after which other essential factors follow. There are many viable ways of establishing that unshakable ‘branding’ strategy for that struggling business (these ideas will be shared in subsequent postings) as well as managing that long-gained reputation of yours.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    In a world like ours, where literally everything about Information and Communication Technology Services either begins or ends with Google. Like we have Google Search, Google Video (YouTube), Marketing, Business Promotion, Analytics, Trends, Email delivery services etc., boosting your business’s online visibility without tapping into the Google technology is jealousy, your business may experience a snailish growth.

    Bing is the second most proactive search engine service providers in the industry, optimizing your sales copy, landing page and promotional contents in line with their search engine algorithm is another way of adding sweetness to your search engine ranking page results (SERPS) and marketing campaign in whole.

    Email Marketing

    Sending follow-up emails to potential customers can grow your conversion rate faster than you can achieve with telemarketing. This is a trick I have tried severally during my early launching out into the digital marketing space. Yea! Many of my co-partners see it as a very daunting task why others think it’s the simplest in business marketing. The thing is — you have no idea how yielding it can really be until your first campaign is set.

    Take a look at the ecommerce industry for example and see for yourself the tactical eye-catchy email newsletters and follow-ups dispatched to subs, first time online prospects, and existing customers. Added to that; Besides your intent of delivering a vital business oriented information to your email list, coiling up each letter with advertisements of products, and services is also professional.

    Video Marketing

    Nowadays, video marketing is globally an integral part of business promotion for all kinds of companies and business setups. Video marketing has this unique or special way to shedding light on advertising. As well as presentation of sellable goods items, products and services.

    According to a recent Hubspot research “54% of consumers want to see videos from brands they support in comparison to email newsletters (46%) or social image (41%) based content. We also found that video content was the most memorable (43%) in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%).”

    Setting up video advertising campaign is highly recommended: it helps tell more comprehensive story about your ad and brings into clarity a direct presentation of the products, how to use, application, look and appearance than it would do with picture images.

    Conclusively, once you’re set and ready to discover these five giant Walls of Jericho of modern business marketing and ready to pull them down, your business will unequivocally breath a new atmosphere.

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