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Glo Free Browsing and Downloading Plus N6,000 Airtime, Enjoy!

Glo Free Browsing_Glo Free Browsing and Downloading Plus N6,000 Airtime, Enjoy!
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Glo Free Browsing is today’s topic and I’m certain that many Glo users are already on the queue waiting to hear the next big thing about this Glo Free Browsing gist. After all the bashing and poor rating of Glo Internet services on its official Facebook Page and other Social Media Platforms – Glo hasn’t still gone bad! Rather, it has decided to even better the lives of its fans who chose to stick with them through grass to grace.  The Glo Free Browsing project is a whole day of free data for all Glo subs.

    Though it’s a common assumption that the Glo Network happens to be the slowest amongst other renowned Telecom Companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Be it as it may, the company has continued to work hard to prove that notion wrong.

    Glo Internet Speed: My Personal review!

    Oh yea! I am an ICT person and for that reason I consume a lot of data on daily basis – not to mention weekly or monthly.
    For example: I exhaust nothing less than 4-5GB Internet Data daily.
    I use three to four different networks just in case of unforeseen circumstances or connectivity issues with one ISP.

    Glo Free Browsing has been beneficial – I only used it once till this moment. But Glo Network generally have been a life and cost-saver. Compare Glo Internet prices to other Networks on the market and you’d know what I’m talking about.

    Glo recent launch of the “Free Data Day” which reward subscribers with free Internet Data to connect the web and stream videos for an entire day and “Glo Welcome Back” program which offers clients who have not used the Glo Network in 30 days with free N6,000 airtime are a superb act of generosity from the telecom giants.

    For the Glo Free Browsing “Free Data Day” program, you’ll gain additional free 200MB data to whatever it is you’re having on your device. And it is valid for a day upon reaching the voice and data use limit inside seven days period.

    How to Activate Glo Free Browsing (Free Data Day).

    Glo Free Browsing_Glo Free Browsing and Downloading Plus N6,000 Airtime, Enjoy!

    To enjoy the Free Data Day, subscribers are required to spend N250 (minimum) or more on calls in the preceding 7 days to a free data day. Or spend at least N150 on calls and use a minimum of 100MB of data in the preceding 7 days to the free data day from any or a combination of methods: such as Pay as you use, purchase of data plan and usage from existing data plan.

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