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7 Expert Ways to Super-Secure Your Smartphone From Hackers and Threats

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Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Secure Your Smartphone From Hackers and Threats in these seven expert methods. Even if you keep your smartphone safe in your pocket or purse, it is still at risk for picking up a virus or leaking data to thieves. Hackers don’t need physical access to your phone to steal your personal information or infect the device with malware. They infiltrate your phone with innocent-looking apps or link it via unsecured Wi-Fi networks. However, you can keep hackers from getting the upper hand by taking the following steps to secure your smartphone:

    Step 1
    Locking your phone when you are not using it is another smart way to secure your smartphone. It’s highly recommended to set a password and then change it from time to time to avoid a spy from easily guessing it. Lock patterns are an alternative if you have trouble remembering your password. Your phone may also have a facial-recognition lock feature. If this is on, the device unlocks only when the camera detects your face. Voice recognition is another option to secure your smartphone — your phone only knows your voice.

    7 Expert Ways to Super-Secure Your Smartphone From Hackers and Threats

    Step 2
    Tracker feature is another good security measure to secure your smartphone. Activate your phone’s tracker capability if it has one. If your phone supports this feature, you can see its location on a map and track the device when it moves. If your phone is stolen or lost, use the tracker app to lock it remotely. This makes it harder for hackers to access your data.

    Step 3
    Always ensure that your smartphone’s firmware is up to date. Many smartphones do this for you automatically, but if it’s difficult to know if you turned yours off. Else, you will need to download the update manually. You can download the latest update directly from your phone. Alternatively, connect your phone to the computer and launch.

    Step 4
    Sometimes, you may need to Install different security apps to secure your smartphone, but do this only if these apps come from a trusted source, such as the manufacturer’s app store. Most official app stores verify the authenticity of their products for security purpose, so they are much safer. Before downloading any app, ensure to read the description and reviews so you understand what you are getting.

    Step 5

    Avoid clicking unsure Link Messages that could be noxious to your phone’s security. To secure your smartphone, you need to be careful when surfing the internet, especially when attending to links et al. Hackers can steal your information or install malware on the phone in case of careless clicking. Do not download apps via text message; this is a common way for hackers to infect your device.

    Step 6
    Don’t keep your phone anyhow when you’re in a public place, it could be a restaurant table office desk, on your car, etc. If you must leave the phone, keep it locked and hide it somewhere, such as in a drawer, to prevent theft.

    Step 7

    Access the Internet on your phone only from a secure Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi networks that aren’t secure enough to be trusted at all time. Moreover, nearby hackers may intercept your data when you get online with it – secure your smartphone. Don’t do any shopping or banking on a public Wi-Fi network; hackers can swipe your bank account number or other financial information. Instant-messaging and other communications apps may contain security holes that allow hackers to snatch your personal data. If you have access to a cellular network, use it instead of public Wi-Fi.

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