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LG G7 Rumour, Price, Specs, and Release Date (2018) – Gsmarena.

LG G7 Rumour, Price, Specs, and Release Date (2018) - Gsmarena_1
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • LG G7 Rumour on price and availability has left majority of hallowed LG smartphone brand fans almost confused within the past few weeks. Soon after the launch of the LG G6, G6+ and the V30 Android phones, the South Korean company have anticipated launching the latest version (LG G7), and is expected to arrive anytime soon before mid 2018.

    2017 featured some of the most recent versions in the LG G Series, some of which includes the LG G6, LG G6+.  Both of which highlighted many eye-catchy functionalities and specifications. One of the most amazing specification of these both (especially LG G6+) is the FacePrint Functionality!

    LG G7 Rumour, Price, Specs, and Release Date (2018) - Gsmarena,

    LG G7 Rumored Specifications

    According to sources LG G7 gsmarena, it’s obvious that the company have not originally made any publicity concerning its release.  Rumour has it that the LG G7 android smartphone will arrive with a super in-built Snapdragon 845 chipset plus OLED screen. The new industry trend has leaped to OLED innovation, which offers enhanced differentiation, control proficiency, and more slender screens compared with LCD.

    In addition, the LG G7’s Snapdragon 845 is supposed to be somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 percent more effective than the 835. Which itself is already perceived to be 30 percent more capable than the 821, while consuming 40 percent less energy, as per Qualcomm’s estimations at the time.

    LG G7 Rumour, Price, Specs, and Release Date (2018) - Gsmarena_1

    LG’s ‘LG 2018’: another innovative season for the South Korean based telecoms manufacturing giant would be productive. As the company has many new and unseen products in stall for fans and customers. LG G7 smartphone is said to arrive with 5G modems, meaning the potential for super-fast data speeds should linger inside LG’s next flagship.

    We will most likely see the LG G7 running on Android 8 Oreo, as the new operating system was announced in mid-2017.


    LG G7 Rumored Price and Speculations.

    G6 was released at MWC 2017 and the LG V30 at IFA 2017. So at the MWC 2018, it is expected that the LG G7 will be announced by the company.

    LG G7 price to expect ranges from $700 at retail, around $729 ((about £568, AU$967) for the global market.


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