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OppO F1s Camera Phone: Marketing, Specs, Distribution and facts.

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Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • OppO F1s Camera Phone is the buzzword for today! Supplementary Description: For clarity purpose, Drafting of a marketing plan element points to a officially unintended development or creation of preliminary version of a marketing plan element. The planner’s journey right from the discovery of product or commodity in demand, and down to evaluating the factors surrounding it production, distribution and key elements that ensures the consumer or end-user purchases it and derives values in it.

    Product: OPPO F1s Camera Smartphones


    About the Product (OPPO F1s Smartphone):  

    OPPO Electronics Corporation is a gadgets producer situated in Guangdong, China. And best known for its cell phones (OPPO), though a new and seamlessly-trending gadget in the market – OPPO F1s, the mobile phone makers are in and prepared for a hit in the market. It has propelled an entire scope of Android controlled cell phones. A series which come with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a determination of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels.

    The Oppo F1s is fueled by and it comes 3GB of RAM while also capable of packing 32GB internal memory even so, it is expandable upto 128GB by means of a microSD card- a feature which makes it a big fish when contrasted with other trending mobiles in its category. In OPPO F1s Camera Smartphones,

    Cameras are a grey area, the Oppo F1s packs a 13-megapixel essential camera on the back and a 16-megapixel front shooter for selfies. With the products running on Android 5.1 and fueled by a 3075 mAh non removable battery. What more other products make a perfect match to it?

    The Oppo F1s is a double SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that receives two Nano-SIM. Connectivity choices incorporate Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G. Sensors on the telephone incorporate Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer.

    OppO F1s, OppO F1s camera phone, OppO F1s price, OppO F1s GSM arena, OppO F1s price in nigeria, OppO F1s specs, OppO F1s phone specification,

    Financial and Marketing Objectives

    Targeted at gaining the attention of mobile smartphone users, OPPO  F1s Smartphone was designed with to attain progressions of financial goals, even so, there is predefined marketing objectives.

    Foremost, after a concise and in depth analysis and evaluation of the of growth of Android Smartphones globally, makers of OPPO came up with the idea of figuring out the yet unsolved problems of users. With respect to relative factors and trends in the global market. Major challenges which tends to become real time problems which surround the mobile users include

    • Sometimes unavailability of good camera system for affordable price
    • Durability and lifespan of mobile smartphone batteries
    • Screen size as well as smooth calibration-ability
    • Pricing and affordability
    • Easy to acquire/Undergoing Hassles in purchase
    • Availability of Parts and Repair Centers

    Financial Goal

    With approximately 10 million USD invested in the first half of production, the project aims at making an ROI of about 2.7 million USD. With the global market targeted simultaneously, chances are that the number of buyers from various markets may vary – more so, fluctuate notwithstandingly. Depending on the effects of distribution and marketing in these markets.

    With regards to logical conventional marketing plan development theory, sponsorship of a product in a global marketed may need to begin from a point. Asia would be chosen as a native or pioneering market, since the idea is to kickstart production in the hearts of North Asia. penetrating into the market and ensuring awareness creation is seen as priority would be the ideal formula. The asian market is relatively large and lucrative – not when the bigwigs in the likes of India, China and Pakistan and Indonesia are on top list with the highest patronage and population, as regards the number of Mobile Smartphone users and Influencers. Whence, bringing about possibilities to meet financial goal and ROI of around 2.7 million USD at the end of the combined retail, and wholesale distribution of the first round of production.

    Marketing Objectives

    Aiming to bench quite a good number of mobile devices and brands in global market, OPPO has incorporated a few unmatched features and highlights that distinguishes it from other brands of mobiles out there, Oppo F1s is a double SIM (GSM and GSM) technology is almost the first of it’s kind,  a smartphone receives two Nano-SIM. Simultaneously with connectivity choices that incorporate Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G. Sensors on the telephone incorporate Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer.

    Oppo F1s marketing objectives would be revolving around

    Saturating the market: OPPO F1s is planning relentlessly to saturate the global market with it trendy and sleek branded mobile smartphone. Motivating potential buyers into purchasing and giving it try – which would indeed convince them to pay exclusively.

    Beating a few products in its categories: Realizing that there have been  a truck load of products in the market before the invent of OPPO brand is a good thing. Having said that. Strategically building a strategic idea on how to surmount a few product might be a somewhat thorny journey if ideas are not outsourced. One productive way to tackle this problem is to push the products practically and virtually to the masses and into the market.

    Advertising the features and characteristics of the phone over other related products and having majority of people and potential customers cognizant of this. This will broaden their mind and thence ignite a fire and curiosity about the product, thence, an intent to buy, test and see.

    Gaining a world-wide recognition: Global recognition is somewhat perceived as being famous as sought-after in music development or art. In business planning, world-wide recognition of a product or services points  to gaining global awareness. Being able to promote our brand of OPPO phone and have the people know it, it abilities to solve a few of their problems, and perchance – improving chances of converting more sales over time.

    Other awe-inspiring aims and marketing objectives include:

    :Inspiring people to find advantage in it as when contrasted to other brands.

    :Increasing the number of foreign customers (Customers outside of Asia)


    Market segmentation is undoubtedly very important for new companies with little or meager resources to walk them through the challenges and competition in their new environment. Area affected mostly could be business promotion, advertisement etc.

    Our Major Segmentation activity would concern setting up segments and figuring out our potential customers who love, would  love and are sure to love the product and possible reasons to fall in love with the product. To further shine more lights on it -:

    Our New OPPO F1s series would be targeted at all classes of people, but without any option – connects more to selfie fans and middle class.  

    Here are a complete profile of groups that OPPO F1s series would go as far as connecting more with, whilst also having an impact on other segments and categories.

    Selfie Fans

    Selfie fans are people who are in love with taking selfie, and finds every good selfie gadget out there as a remarkable opportunity to explore and be at best. Photography, being another chief inspirer, asides taking yourself some selfies endlessly, investing a huge chunk of time taking others pictures and vice versa helps mobile users to explore a good opportunities in any time. Reasons – OPPO F1s are the best series of smart camera phones which comes with superlative camera-ability. With 13 MP rear and 5MP facade camera OPPO has one of the The OPPO F1 houses a 13-megapixel front confronting camera with a wide f/2.0 gap focal point and a sensor size of 1/4 inches. This takes into account more light to enter the camera so you can take an unmistakable selfie even in less perfect lighting conditions.

    Middle Class and Students

    Students-as well as middle classes will buy into the idea since they have the most use of it, afterwards, selling the ideas to others.

    Segmentation helps us economically, because you can only optimize your marketing resources and head straight to focus on the most effective actions. Secondly, it is strategic, in such that it helps to resist against the strongest competitors, for those in the first stages of our spin-off company, importantly when it’s the most vulnerable.

    Target Marketing

    Target marketing mainly relates to making a proper understanding of my customers before the sale of my product – whatsoever product I sell or market to them. In so doing, a clear description is as follows

    Whether you offer washing lines or wiper cleaners, you have to comprehend your client in the event that you need to boost your deals. Who are you offering to? Why would it be advisable for them to purchase your item amongst others in the market? What my product can do for them?

    Who are you offering to? The middle class, the youths, selfie lovers and photographers, internet fans and trippers.

    Why would it be advisable for them to purchase your item amongst others in the market? OPPO F1s series are new, fresh, built in and with the best technologies and has multifarious unusual features that other smart android phones in the same category does not have. For a product brand in the category, it also has a super-amazing lifespan in battery duration.

    What my product can do for them?

    • Solves problems of bad or poor image quality at each click of the camera,
    • Duration of battery,
    • Solves problems of unsteady mobile runtime and thus preventing unwarranted shutdown at the middle of an event.
    • And lastly, availability in brick and mortar stores would be a good thing. In line with the idea to increase brick and mortar shop distribution, potential customers finds it easier to purchase from shops than virtual on computer screens (ecommerce).

    Differentiating and Positioning Strategies

    In real business world, a situating strategy is a purposeful branding plan or procedure that works on the typical levels of customer awareness, where implications and affiliations – even of individual words – truly hold weight.

    Our core positioning strategies include

    Brick and Mortar shop presence strategy: We are positioned and sited in more than four hundred brick and mortar shops in 35 major cities of each country in Asia for a start. Though expecting to achieve a total global coverage of 36’000 cities in the next four years. Having our products sold on desk in city-side shops and walk-ins makes it possible for customers to easily access it at ease.

    Low Price strategy: OPPO F1s series are all well priced and tagged, these makes it easier for customers to access, affordable.

    Global distribution strategy: Our target audience is global, and for this. We have mapped out plans to reach this target successfully. Secondly, this enables smartphone lovers to access it for use regardless of their location or area of residence.

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