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Five New Ways to Make Money Online in Digital Technology (ICT)

digital method; how to money money online
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • First things First, How to make money online (2017-2018)


    • Get to believe that ICT (anything online) is as real as in the real time world
    • Set your mind to legitimacy (Online fortune doesn’t come by trickery)
    • Be ready to learn and unlearn (New updates, New technologies, New wealth creation strategies).
    • Have faith! (definition)


    My Success Secrets: Five Legit Ways I Money Online as an ICT Expert.

    Now! Everything I teach Is what I know. Nothing I say is far from my reach and implementation.

    In simple and comprehensive bullet points, I’ll quickly break down and toss my little ideas down into you. Carefully spend some time on each point, break it down to your own understanding, and help yourself climb up that better, accomplished and veteran ICT success ladder of your dreams.

    You want to know how to make money online? These are five secret things I do on a daily basis to strike the cord and make success a habit. Remember! Keeping it real, simple, clean and legit at all time is the formula.


    Digital Marketing.

    What is it?

    Digital marketing involves transacting business over the internet and making returns (profit). In a more simpler definition; when you sell, promote, market or convince online visitors into purchasing, subscribing, or paying for services or physical products online. Then you’re certainly doing digital marketing. You can make money online doing this, I mean tons of bucks.


    Five New Ways to Make Money Online in Digital Technology (ICT)


    Few ways to make money from it.

    • Learn and Work for others
    • Market Yourself (Your inborn skills) — Blog Yourself to success.
    • Market your products and services.


    Writing (ICT/Tech Writing)


    What is it?

    Here another beautiful way to make money online that people barely comprehend. Writing is what you know it is! Yes, but in this context; ICT or Tech writing actually refers to write-ups that are meant for digital marketing projects. That is; you’re writing about latest technology invents, Information and Communication Technology and many more for businesses that needs to market their products online.


    learn to make money writing online


    Few ways to make money from it.

    • Learn and Teach for money
    • Blog and earn
    • Work for others and earn


    Cryptocurrency Trading

    What is it?, 

    Cryptocurrencies are new digital money that can be spent online. It’s a virtual money, you can’t see it like you see your fiat currencies (Dollar notes, Yuan notes, Naira notes or Rupees). Trading Cryptocurrencies is a lucrative online business. You can earn passive income by involving in day trading of crypto and that means more money.


    Few ways to make money from it.


    • Learn and be a Day Trader
    • Learn and be a Bag Holder
    • Learn, Blog and Earn
    • Learn and Teach and Earn


    Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

    What is it?

    Do you know that I have taught several people to make money online doing Multilevel Marketing (MLM)? You can call it MLM, that sums up the deal but not MMM. Multilevel marketing has to do with business promotion. Direct referrals of promising prospects into buying some predefined products or services. This can either be done online or offline.

    Five New Ways to Make Money Online in Digital Technology (ICT)

    Few ways to make money from it.

    Research and go for the best.

    Top two.  

    1. Longrich,
    2. Alliance in motion,


    Youtube (Vlogging)

    What is it?

    Vlogging or YouTube Vlogging is a term used in describing video creation and publication. I.E., creating videos of yourself, home, daily activities, news, comedy shows, music shows, concerts, tutorials, etc and uploading them to popular Video Streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Tubelaunch etc.

    Few ways to make money off the Network

    • Vlog

    Five New Ways to Make Money Online in Digital Technology (ICT)

    Having listed these concise and lucrative things you can do to make money online. I’d also want to iterate the fact that you have to conduct some personal research; you’d find out other methods that are not shortlisted here. This will inexplicably help you gather many options to choose from. With regards to your capabilities, choice, and skills.


    Conclusively; no good skill(s) come easy, so for you to make money online in 2017, 2018 or even in the next 5 years will not be easy-peasy. Hard-work and determination plus your faith plays a very important role towards the realization of these goals.

    Who wrote this?

    Eldorado Abrahams

    Eldorado Abrahams :- Positive by heart, creative, and a tech savvy. Inspired by thoughtful elites and often thrilled by philosophy. I believe that faith is a substance of things hoped for & evidence of things unseen. To me: through faith -- ICT & Writing has pragmatically become a Life Support.

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