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How to extract images from google docs (Example)

How to extract images from Google Docs
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • How to extract images from Google docs.

    A lot of people have been around this for some time now; trying to save files and maybe extract files etc., from Google docs all to no avail.

    Now the gist is; you have to read this short article very well in order to comprehend each of the steps. A lot of people don’t know How to extract images from Google docs, Google Docs allows you to write, edit and perform every other writing requirements as done in MS Word and other free and paid writing software applications. You can easily develop as many pages as possible using the platform, more so, adding images to your Google Docs file is as easy as pie — provided you have the images or intended picture already edited and stored on your computer or pen drive.


    How to extract images from Google docs

    However; what if after writing and having your documents ready; by chance, you’d like to edit it from another computer in the absence of yours where the original document was developed?

    We all know how easy Google has made the “Drive” helping you access it from any computer system in so far you can remember your email address and password correctly. Now, how about making a little edit on the image or perhaps using the image on another editor; or let’s assume you want to PUBLISH the same article on WORDPRESS!

    WordPress does not allow pictures to be copied from Google Docs directly to its Editor – but rather the text items and formatting. Neither does Google Docs allow you to download the image directly from the document editor window. Sure; It can only permit you to add hyper-link to the image or perhaps remove it.

    I guess this is where the rubber hits the road for some people – but never mind; There are sure practical ways to retrieve your images from Google Docs content without you running helter-skelter to get your PC or Desktop wherever it is located.

    Here is how to extract images from Google docs easily without having to till the hard soil…

    Share and Download:

    You can first publish your Google-written document as a web page and then download the image as you would do on a web page. From the “Share” button at the top right hand side of the document editor, select “Publish to the Web”. You’ll then get the URL of the web-page. Open it and download the image as you would do on a normal web page.

    Download the Google Docs and Use MS Word:

    Another technique for extracting pictures from Google Docs is by downloading the entire Google Doc file to to location in your computer. You can download the document in .DOC or .PDF group (In Google Docs, go to File>Download As> Word), open the records with applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader and afterward drag the picture contained in the record to the desktop or any other notable location.

    See examples here =>


    How to use Google docs

    This will incite you to spare the document. Proceed, give it a suitable name and spare it to your hard disk.(Note: This cheat may not work easily at a few PCs however). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have plenty of pictures embedded into the document, this strategy can be especially tedious.


    How to extract images from Google Docs

    In such cases, the HTML export format may be the next workable idea. Go to File => Download As => HTML(Zipped). This will download the HTML record in ZIP design.

    Just open the ZIP document with WinRar and you’ll see an envelope named pictures. Separate the folder and save onto your hard disk. This organizer contains every one of the pictures contained in the word document in Google Docs.

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