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Written by Eldorado Abrahams


    Just around the corner, we soon should be expecting a massive and very great revolution in the ecommerce industry. The sooner the better business associates and online entrepreneurs begin to notice the uprising and upcoming growth and advancement which is sure to hit the entire Delivery System in Ecommerce industry, the sooner the better. It is indeed indisputable and undeniable that Shipping and Delivery of commodities and Items sold at various ecommerce online platforms by various Small, Medium scale and also Multinational giant companies is one of the most tasking job or duty posing itself a challenge to this businesses.

    In order to relieve the entire and whole ecommerce Industry of this long lingered Challenge and difficulty, several measures have been put forward and also been pondered and deliberated upon, on how to easily ease the industry of the stress and the massive funds often expended in the quest to get goods, items, and commodities across to customers and prospects whom have duly completed their checkout processes in these platforms.

    New and innovative shipping ideas have been the subject of the matter, Packaging and delivering goods and commodities in shorter time and intervals is the aim and objectives of the indeed expected technological shipping system in the industry. Like you and I already know about the massive and gargantuan load of trouble and challenges involved in the present day system. And also the reason medium companies, business and small scale ecommerce enterprises often suffer loss and suppression to the big wigs in the game. It is indeed true that most giant multinationals and renowned ecommerce business like Amazon, ClickBank, EBay etc. might find it somewhat easier and quite unproblematic to get their products and merchandise shipped to client within a very minimal time and interval. Perhaps through the help of expert shipping funnels and giant companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. but nevertheless, the same might not be applicable for other companies and online commerce sites and platform whom does not have the resources as such that is required to achieve such success.

    How Technology May effect The Ecommerce Shipping System

    It is indeed unequivocally true that large ecommerce companies like Amazon have been fighting so tirelessly since the year 2013 but mechanically, electrically, chemically and in fact any other means and techniques that might be involve, in order to figure out a very easy, cheaper and very faster method to which they can emulate and optimize in order to get their products and commodities across to their respective customers, clients and prospects.

    Amazon recently made it clear that they were expecting a very superb and exclusively designed Technology based shipping system, which might not even require the assistance of manpower and physical energy in other to operate and function. It platform was indeed looking at developing a “prime air drone” which would be used to execute such project. The platform believed so much that development of such technology would indeed outshine even the present day system and modus operandi of Shipping and deliver.

    However, there are chitchats and tittle-tattles that such technology might come into existence as soon as further research works have been completed. A project which probably could be fully finalized in 4 to 5 years from now and further expected to produce results like personal vehicular robots driving and controlling the whole shipping processes either on land or on air.

    In my own opinion I would simply suggest that air drones and other means of air transportation shipping in the industry should be highly focused and paid extensive attention to, this means would seem to be the most fastest ever discovered in history until forth coming ideas and bases hit again.

    How can New business Models further Change The Industry

    Talking about New business models, for example say the newspaper industry and department, which we already know too well in both functions and terms of service delivery. Newspaper companies might have not also been left out of the game and the quest for a new and conserved methodology and ways of shipping its products on daily basis to their respective outlets, and dissemination points.

    An averagely renowned newspaper print industry distributes its printed documents and news credentials from one location to the other on daily basis just as it is done in the ecommerce industry. And as such also faces abundant challenges and hassles in taking it daily press releases to some specified locations.

    Business models like the Newspaper printing Presses could also join hands together with the ecommerce sector or industry in order to curb this long standing lingering Shipping problem, which has affected both industries and businesses adversely and unfavorably.

    How Ecommerce Revolution would affect Small Scale Online Businesses

    It is indeed true that there are countless and innumerable summation of smaller online businesses out there which are either taking their steps up the ladder or possibly struggling with challenges and heavy mindboggling competition online.

    Businesses which are sure to be struck with an indeed unfavorable big hit are the small scale ecommerce businesses which are still yet to be matured enough. Some of the reasons why these businesses are sure to suffer massive loss would be as a result of the competition in “shipping” and delivery of Customer resources and products.

    The revolution would indeed still favor the Big wigs in the game just like it has always favored them even in the present day delivery system, which has dramatically restricted smaller business from receiving purchases and patronage from certain locations.

    Starting up an online store could be as easy as learning how to sing the popular kindergarten Poetry “there are two Black Birds”. Just any one could wake up one morning and decide to develop a site and set up an ecommerce business, especially with plentiful abundance of ecommerce CMS platforms and online software.
    But the problem and question remains, How to manage and handle the extensive cost of delivery of you products even at the current low and stumpy patronage.

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