How to Buy Smartphones Online (Amazon, Jumia, Konga, or Ebay).

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  • How to buy Smartphones online – Smartphone Shopping Guide For Rookies.

    Shopping for smartphones online may seem a bit complicated especially if you have not done it before or have e-commerce idea. This concise smartphone shopping guide will walk you through a very exciting buying experience. I’m certain you will want to know the most important things to concentrate your mind upon when buying a new mobile device; rather than having many options and then missing out on the relevant ones.

    Be it on Jumia, konga, amazon, ebay, or snapdeal — anyone can possibly get a choice smartphone for a reasonable price without much delay. Be you a computer savvy or newbie, you only need to get first-hand knowledge on how online shopping works: and the rest is history.

    Without further ado, below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy smartphones online. Some prerequisites about online shopping, how to avoid getting it wrong, selecting the best and affordable platform from where to purchase your device, conducting your price check analysis and delivery options.


    How to buy Smartphones online: Requirements

    Smartphone Device and Internet Facility:

    With a laptop, smartphone device or desktop computer with fast internet connection, you’re already good to go. If you’d ask me, I will recommend using your laptop or visiting your local cyber cafe for desktop accessibility; just in case you don’t have one.


    How to buy Smartphones Online: Finding a Product

    Product research is unequivocally the first thing you will want to do when you want to buy a brand new smartphone device. There are many ways to know the right smartphone device to buy should in case you don’t have one in mind. Some people purchase specific smartphone types because or many reasons which includes but not limited to:

    • A friend or colleague has it,
    • They‘ve seen it on ads,
    • They’ve read about such phones and thus wants to give it a try etc., amongst several others.


    How to buy Smartphones Online: Choosing an Online Vendor

    It should be the first process and yet the most bemusing part of your online shopping experience. For a rookie shopper, figuring out a suitable online store or vendor could be very frightening. You just don’t know how many locally operated online stores are there. You’re also puzzled as to whether to shop with a foreign online vendor or a local one — these and many more questions will resonate on your mind.

    But never let that be a challenge on your path, you’d surely get to know how to buy smartphones online soon. The simplest way to get out of these quandary is by making proper use of your Google search engine page. Oh yea, Google will play a part here.


    how to buy smartphones online


    Getting started with your search (on Google) for online vendor.

    • Open a new blank page on your laptop using Google Chrome browser (default homepage is normally set to be
    • Ensure that your’s home page is set to access/use your location. In that case, you should be able to see something like Google India, Google (for USA), Google UK, Google SA, Google Nigeria etc., depending on your country location or where you are in the meantime. As seen below.
    • Simply type into the search engine form — the name of the smartphone device you have in mind and wait for search options to load. For example “cheap Samsung galaxy Tab 3” (In doing this, you’d be sure that all loading search engine results (websites) are local search outcomes — in most cases. Meaning that these websites which pop up on search query are locally owned or extended to operate within.)
    • Feel free to peruse comprehensively through result sites and compare pricing of the same device you inputted in search box. You’re a stone’s throw away from knowing how to buy smartphones online.


    How to buy Smartphones Online: Placing an Order

    Just as you must have conquered the fear of finding the best online store/vendor plus also read a few notes about your anticipated smartphone device; placing an order won’t be a problem. On some ecommerce portals, first time customer registration is usually the last thing the system will want you to do — especially for those shopping a single item. For people who will need to add-to-cart, registering to create an account on the platform will come next. This will enable you to uniquely add to cart and then check-out when done.

    how to buy smartphones online_add-to-cart

    So Therefore, to this effect: you will be required to register to create an account before checking out. Don’t forget to use your best address as recipient address; to avoid unnecessary delay in delivery or hassles at the point of delivery.


    How to buy Smartphones Online: Check for Coupon Code Availability

    What is s Coupon code?  

    The best definition is this: Coupons codes are promo codes. In ecommerce or online shopping, coupon code is a computer-generated code that consists of letters or numbers or both. Buyers can enter it into a promotional box on the site’s shop cart area or checkout page to obtain discount on their purchase.

    coupon-code - how to buy smartphones online

    Not many people know about these codes or how to get them. But with a few minutes of research; I hope you’d get to know more about it. I will be publishing a very informative article on coupon codes in the next three publications.


    How to buy Smartphones Online: Choosing Your Payment Option

    Remember not to get it twisted when it comes to choosing a payment option. On sites like Amazon, Ebay and Jumia to mention a few: you’d possibly find more than five payment options. Sometimes, these includes VisaCard, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Voucher, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Pay-On-Delivery options. Plus some others that are not mentioned here.

    payment method - How to Buy Smartphones online (Amazon, Jumia, Konga, or Ebay)

    Be wise to choose according to availability of resources and your requirements. If you’d ask me, I’d suggest you go for Pay-On-Delivery option since you’re a first-time shopper.

    This will give you rest of mind while waiting for the delivery. You simply pay the delivery personnel upon arrival and conveyance of your consignment to you! The only problem with this option is the added meager fee known as handling fee.


    PS: I hope this Smartphone Purchase Guide will be an eye-opener, and furthermore help you become a pro online shopper soon! Getting to know how to buy smartphones online won’t be that hard if you follow it intensively.

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