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Buying Guide: USGI Military Drab ALICE Pack Main Features

Buying Guide: USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack
USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • The Military is all about strength and ruggedity. And sometimes, when acquiring any product for use in the military — it just have be a sturdy one. USGI Military Large Olive Drab ALICE Pack meets all the requirements needed in a Military, Naval or Air Force mission backpack.


    Buying Guide: USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack

    USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack

    USGI ALICE (all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment) is an equipment attachment system and accessory. Having being sold under different brand names since its coming into vogue in late 1973, the USGI ALICE pack is still very much preferred because it is reliable.


    Main features of the USGI ALICE backpack

    Unique Belting System: True fans and users of ALICE don’t go for beauty; of course they seek uniqueness and strength. From the inside and periphery point, rear and facet. The up to bottom pure leather belting network system contributes immensely to the all-round strength and ruggedness of the USGI ALICE backpack.

    Carriage/Content Capability: It’s easy to figure this out on first sight. USGI ALICE pack is designed with standard carriage technique and as a two component system. First, the belting system with embedded carrier, its double (or more) cases and suspenders. And secondly, another section that makes up the flexible bag itself.

    Presentation: Talking about the presentation, the production model of the USGI ALICE pack is exceptional. All thanks to it’s elements. Flexible bag cover, flexible bag material, frame and bag bottom seat.

    What to look for!

    • Presentation
    • Size and features
    • Material (Waterproof or Non-waterproof)
    • Bag lockers

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