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Five New ways; How to Spot/Know Fake Mobile Devices(2017-2018)

Five New ways to Spot/Know Fake Mobile Devices and Gadgets (2017-2018)
Five New ways to Spot/Know Fake Mobile Devices and Gadgets (2017-2018)
Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • The Tremendous rise in the number of Mobile Devices and Gadgets in Circulation.

    Do you know How to spot/know fake Mobile devices? Technology is rising at a very fast pace in today’s world and majority of us know this. One of the major evidence of realistic technology is mobile device or gadget — which are now becoming more common in nowadays society. One of the reasons for this, could be due to the large number of companies or businesses in the mobile devices and gadgets manufacturing chain. While other factors contributes its own quota.


    The Fakes are Coming out

    Tracking your new mobile phone for fake or originality can be sometimes very difficult. The thing is… enjoying all the bounteous features, functionalities and topnotch efficiency of trending mobile tech devices is what majority if users care about. Whilst we tend not to pay attention to some of the underground activities posing challenge to our beloved tech inspiration.


    Five New ways: How to Spot/Know Fake Mobile Devices and Gadgets (2017-2018). samsung, xaiomi redmi, motorola, gionee, tecno, itel, intex, apple iphone

    Buying a mobile device nowadays could be very stressful and challenging. Some prospective buyers are just too panicky to land themselves a fake device in their bid and quest to purchase their dream devices. While some are stuck on e-commerce shopping platforms — with the mindset that e-commerce is free from fake or faults. I’ll tell you a short story about a friend who is tired and also scared of ever losing a mobile device or gadget.


    His first pitfall was purchasing a Samsung S7 Edge from an international market sometimes in the year 2013. Not until he had returned home and switched on his device to test run it for the second time. He never saw any sign of fakeness in it. To cut the whole story short, here are some of the main mock-up functionalities of the phone that never work.


    • Internet 3G, 4G connectivity
    • Battery (2 hours)
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi connectivity


    Soon after disposing the device, he lost fate in the brand new ones and decided to try purchasing a fairly used one. He also got it wrong when he purchased another Gionee m5 note from a vendor on the popular classified marketplace. So you see!!


    How then Do You Know the Genuine Mobile Phones/Devices ? (How to spot/know fake devices)


    The thing is; no matter how hard we try, fake mobile devices still exist and there are no two ways about it. The most important thing now is to get wiser, careful, and smarter. Make lots of research before heading straight to your smartphone device or gadget vendor.

    How to spot/know fake Mobile devices

    Without further ado, 2017 – 2018 has shown us brand new ways, ideas and tricks to use when shopping for mobile phones, devices, gadgets, or even home appliances and more. Read through the next few lines and grab the jackpot!


    Buy From Direct Distributors. (How to spot/know fake devices)

    Buying your new mobile smartphones from their direct respective distributors will cost you nothing. Oh yea! It would not. Be it a Samsung Smartphone, Motorola, Infinix Injoo, Gionee, Tecno or whatsoever mobile device brand. I personally can assure that you will find many of these distributors around you if you conduct a very careful research. So it doesn’t matter where you are or you will be visiting soon. Be it Nigeria, Ghana, London, United States, Peru, Japan, Tanzania, Kenya etc.


    Your Mobile Phone/Device Has a Logo. (How to spot/know fake devices)

    Yes, this is absolutely correct! Every mobile phone device has a branded logo on it. Reading through Logo, you’d not be convinced to buy at first sight; especially if it is the mock-up.


    Now; (How do I spot/know fake devices reading through the Logo?)

    Five New ways: how to Spot/Know Fake Mobile Devices and Gadgets (2017-2018)

    I know some readers and prospective buyers may get lost at this point. But never mind — I’ll clear the dust for you! If you are an amateur ICT person; or let’s assume you’re not the Smartphone type. Chances are that you may not really know the difference between an Original Samsung Logo and the Fake Samsung Mobile Logo.

    To get things right.

    Just do one thing.

    Don’t rush to purchase the Smartphone at first sight from the marketer or vendor.

    Get to know more, compare logos from different sources; even borrow a friend’s Samsung mobile device to compare with.


    Packaging or Presentation: (How to spot/know fake devices)

    They may FOOL some people sometime; but they can’t FOOL all the people all the time! Hope you remember this famous quote in one of either Bob Marley’s or Lucky Dube’s favorite tracks? Oh yea! The presentation of your mobile smartphone is essentially one of those things that will help you understand the quality of item you’re buying. I can guarantee this, 70% of these mock-up devices come in suspicious packaging. It only takes smartness to figure this out.


    The Weight of Your New Mobile Device (How to spot/know fake devices)

    Don’t you think that each mobile phone model has it’s own specified packaging weight right from the manufacturers? Of course true! Without further waste of time. These are three things you should do now;

    1. Get a computer system connected to the internet (or borrow from a friend).
    2. Open or search engine
    3. Type into the search box “What’s the weight of (Mobile Smartphone you want to buy)” and hit enter. For example, if you anticipate buying a Xiaomi Redmi MI Note 3 smartphone. In the search box; type “What’s the weight of Xiaomi Redmi MI Note 3 Smartphone”

    Once you have done this, you’d find websites that has the full specification and exact information on factory default weight and size. Compare it with your new-found yet-to-purchase Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and see if it matches.


    The specifications are different (How to spot/know fake devices)

    Of course yea! This is another interesting method to spot/know fake mobile devices. Getting to open the package, or by merely reading the phone’s specification on the pack, you will discover that it doesn’t match with what is obtainable in the originally branded mobile phone device.

    So watch out for this and many more. Conclusively, I will be sharing more latest proven tricks on How to spot/know fake Mobile deviceshow you can track, know all fake devices and gadgets using just one simple method. YES; one simple method in my subsequent articles, so keep an open-eye and be on the lookout for that.

    Disclaimer: The whole content of this concise article is the opinion of the writer. Borne out of research, personal experience and findings from within diverse ecosystems.


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