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Three Things Pro Buyers do Before Buying a Smartphone/Mobile Device.

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Written by Eldorado Abrahams

  • Purchasing your new mobile device requires time and serious research, especially after considering the worth/value of wealth you anticipate spending on it. In the same vein, your mobile device could be anything handy; ranging from Mobile smart-phones, Camera, Tablets, or even a Video Camcorder. However, in the case of today’s topic, we’re going to be looking at Mobile Smart-phone devices; what and what to know before making a close move to your device vendor.


    I may not really know the type of smartphone that catches your attention! But regardless of the brand or type of mobile device you want, it is inevitably important to consider some factors before diving into the cart.


    Let see those three crucial things serious minded buyers must do before approaching their vendor.                                                                                                                 

    Making Inquiries Via the Company’s Website                               

    Before purchasing a mobile device, it is important to know about your vendor; i.e., the brand makers of such device. This will as well help you to grab enough information about them, past customer reviews, promises and business whitepaper.

    NB: This works perfectly when you’re shopping online (e-commerce)

    Making inquiries via the company’s website enables you to know more about their product and to more about the mobile device you are about to purchase. Besides that, you’d also get to get background information about the device, such as model, specifications, pricing, payment plan, best retail or wholesale outlet and more.


    Another thing is, if you’re not the mobile tech fan type of person; getting to know what a mobile device works best will be challenging. Not unless you receive suggestions from friends or colleagues.

    What can the mobile device do? What specific task can it perform? You should be serious enough to be that curious than make a mistake at the end. Getting to know the features of your anticipated device is another important thing and reason why visiting the brand’s Web platform is recommended.

    best mobile smartphones for 2018

    Specifications: Is it Really Durability, Efficient?

    You should be serious enough to know this. The thing is: phone specifications (specs) is mostly the foremost task that buyers care about. They are curious to have instinct knowledge about the sophistication and technology of the phone.

    Battery durability is part of it, Camera quality is part of it

    • Shape and presentation,
    • Strength of skin
    • Flash light (rear and facet)
    • Network configuration (2G, 3G, 4G etc)
    • Weight of phone
    • Size, etc.,


    A particular smartphone device is vital because it enables you to get around the world right from your palms. Does it have that fast speed configuration internet and all? Duo Sim cards capability could also be a interesting feature that will woo you into buying it.   

    Not to mention the battery lifespan, if it can take up till 24 to 48 hrs before next recharge (4500 MaH to 7000 MaH), then I also think it’s a good buy.   


    Consider the Efficiency and Authenticity of Mobile Device  

    Serious-minded mobile-tech enthusiasts would consider the efficiency of any mobile device. They will always go for the ones that can actually yield expected results. Can it save one money and time? If yes; then take a bold step.

    The authenticity of such product is no left out: of course, they’re eager to know how genuine the device is and to have absolute assurance that they are not purchasing a counterfeit. The genuinely made device is regarded as the best.

    Checking your device for Warranty is not a bad idea as well. Most especially if you’re going for a brand new device. Some smart-phone brand offers one year guarantee, while others offer two, three, four years guarantee and so on. In my own point-of-view, I think it is advisable to go for the one with a longer warranty span. It will save you money and time, how? You will get it fixed or attended to — should there be any slight issue of fault with it within the warranty time period.

    Finally! Yay! Now go and enjoy your new found happiness with your new mobile device. Don’t forget to thank me when you already purchase the right product. Also Leave Your Comments Below!

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